Friends’ Society of Visually Impaired Rehabilitation– NGO based in Gaza City, Gaza Strip 2014

Name of institution

Eye Society for Visually Impaired Rehabilitation and Prevention of Blindness (save Vision) – NGO based in Gaza City,  Gaza Strip


Gaza City – Tal El Hawa- Talal El jarousha Building.

Phone number

(08) 2641983


(08) 2641983


Web site

Account Number

Quds Bank


Vision :

To be a pioneer in surveillance, prevention of blindness and rehabilitation of visually impaired people.


The Society which was established and registered since 1995 is looking forward to active participation in strengthening the Ophthalmic Services and the Prevention of Blindness in the Palestinian society through increased community awareness and provision of modern, advanced and high quality diagnostic therapeutic, and rehabilitative services by qualified staff, with community participation and integration with related local and international institutions.


  1. Provide educational , rehabilitative, and  integrative services  necessary for the visually impaired .

  1. Raise the level of community awareness in general and with the visually impaired  and their relatives in particular.

  1. Provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with eyes diseases.

  1. Cooperation and integration with relevant institutions locally and internationally.

  1. Support the field of development and strengthening the legal and human rights legislation for the visually impaired .

  1. Support the establishment of an integrated programs to prevent blindness with local and international organizations.


  1. Kindergarten Services

  2. Early Detection & Intervention Program

  3. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Ophthalmic Services

  4. Integration Program

  5. Un curricula  Program

  6. Learning Computer Skills

  7. Teaching Mothers on Braille Method

  8. Special needs class

Programs :

1- Kindergarten Services:

This program includes two parts: pre-school (KG1 and KG2). It serves all the blind and the visually impaired children aged  4-5 years, aiming at teaching them essential life skills and the basics of reading and writing by Braille and normal font ( for V.I) as well as helping them develop their senses and muscles and the concepts...etc in order to make them able to join the school. The number of the visually impaired children benefiting from this program is (50).

2- Braille Printing Unit:

Braille printing unit was founded in 1999, funded by the Welfare Association which donated money for the Society to purchase a developed device operated by computer for printing Braille materials  which are necessary for the students benefiting from the educational centers’ programs, the students integrated in the general education programs and the university blind students.

3- Homework Mentorship and Early Intervention Program:

This program serves the blind and the visually-impaired children in all areas of the Gaza Strip from their birth to the age of 4. It aims at early intervention as much as possible, helping their families accept the handicapped children and giving them guidelines and pieces of advice. To achieve this, the “Society” collaborates with ophthalmologists, motherhood centers and other relevant institutions. Over the past few years, this program has proved its positive impact as the late discovery of the cases of visual impairment has been decreasing together with significant improvement in the level of learning for the visually impaired children in the Gaza Strip. The number of children benefiting from this program is (75-80) in addition to their parents and families.

4- Low Vision Evaluation Unit: 



“The Low Vision Evaluation Unit” was established on the 2nd of Oct. 1999 by the donations of the Welfare Association, providing services for the local community. This unit includes different medical devices to examine visual impairment. It aims at conducting an accurate and professional evaluation for the visual capabilities of the visually impaired to give technical instructions and guidelines about the use of optical methods and techniques, taking into consideration the suitability of such methods and techniques to every single case so as to make it easier for the Lab Rehabilitation Program supervisors to activate and/or reactivate the remaining visual ability to its best degree possible. Through brochures, lectures and other means, this unit performs its duty in its capacity as  a source for creating awareness and knowledge about the eye’s functions and the means for protection from the diseases causing blindness. Besides, this unit has to continuously follow-up the children who suffer from eye pressure and others who need treatment and medicine. Such services are normally provided for (600-200) cases. Furthermore, this unit provides medical examination services for all local community members.

5- Computer Center for Visually Impaired:

The Computer Center for Visually Impaired (CCVI), established in 2003 was funded by the World Bank. It was well equipped with appropriate computers suitable for teaching the blind and the visually-impaired pupils. They are provided with learning/teaching programs such as Braille and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programs for the blind and the Enlarging Normal Font program for the visually impaired. The primary and elementary school students and teachers working in the institutes of visually impaired benefit from this unit. The blind and the visually-impaired pupils have become able to use computers in their education typically as their well-sighted peers. The number of persons benefiting, this year,  from this unit, is (400-600) including visually impaired and well-sighted pupils, students, teachers and parents.

6- Integration Program:

This integration program was founded in 1994 to help the blind and the visually impaired pupils and students integrate in all general education programs with the guarantee to continuously provide them with services. In addition, this program helps discover the cases suffering from reading problems and difficulties resulting from visual impairment in order to help them overcome the impacts of their disability and protect them from school drop-out and educational failure . The program covers all the provinces of the Gaza Strip in coordination with the Ministry of Education, the administrations of the universities and the educational and rehabilitation institutions. This program serves (700) of the visually impaired.

7- Special Program:


This program aims at intervening to help the slow learning pupils gain the utmost degree of the learning they can and to overcome the impacts of their mental and visual disability in preparation for either their integration into normal schooling or their joining  the educational institutes for the visually impaired. The number of the visually impaired pupils and children benefiting from this program is (15).